Affirmation: 13 Bedtime Rituals That Encourage Mindfulness

When you were little, you probably had bedtime rituals that helped you go to sleep. Maybe your parents told you to put on your pajamas
Career Mondays

Career Monday: Say Goodbye to Feeling Lonely at Work

If you feel lonely at work, you’re not alone. It may be the natural result of technology that reduces face to face interactions and increases

Q&A: Working Interviews

Yes, you can have a working interview as part of your selection process, but there’s a big caveat. If you have the candidate do “real

Affirmation: I Have The Power And Freedom To Create

Creativity is one of the greatest gifts of all. I make an effort to maximize this gift. I know that the greatest contributions I can
Career Mondays

Career Monday: The Secret to Networking at Social Events

When you meet a potential contact at a business event, you know what to do. You deliver your elevator pitch and set up a time

Blasts From The Past

Career Monday: I Show Initiative In Whatever I Do

I have lived long enough to know that living in this world requires me to make things happen in my life. Because I have a
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Q&A: We have had a few employees ask if they can take time off to vote. Do we need to allow that?

Question: We have had a few employees ask if they can take time off to vote. Do we need to allow that? Answer from Kara,
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Career Monday: Considering A Career Change? 4 Crucial Questions To Ask Yourself 

When we leave school, college, or university, often we have no idea what we really want. We choose a job or career based on what
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Federal Law Alert: Sexual Orientation Protected in Employment

Sexual Orientation Protected in Employment, According to Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals On April 4th, 2017, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals became the first federal
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Q&A: When an Exempt Employee’s Salary May Be Reduced

  Margaret holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Portland State University and a Professional
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Career Monday: Reduce Stress Before A Job Interview With These Techniques

Interviews are pretty stressful experiences. Even if you’re excited by the prospect of potentially getting a new job, the chances are you’re feeling nervous about
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