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HR Law Alert – Montana Prohibits Discrimination Based on Vaccination Status

Montana has become the first state to prohibit private employers from discriminating against applicants and employees based on their vaccination status or whether they have an “immunity passport.” An immunity passport is a document or app showing that a person is immune to a disease through vaccination or infection and recovery. The law carves out […]

HR Alert: New York Enacts Vaccination Leave Requirement

New York now requires employers of all sizes to provide paid leave to employees who are getting vaccinated for COVID-19. The law took effect immediately and applies through December 31, 2022. Employees are entitled to take up to four hours of paid leave each time they get a COVID shot. For now, this means up […]

HR Advisor: How to Help Employees Communicate More Effectively

In an ideal world, communication would be easy. We’d immediately know exactly what to say or write. Emails, Slack messages, and reply threads would practically write themselves. And there’d be no confusion about what anyone meant, ever. Of course, communication never works that way. We stare at the computer screen trying to decide how to […]

HR Advisor: Compliance for a Remote Workforce and What to do if an Employee is Diagnosed with COVID19

Four Steps to Take When an Employee Is Diagnosed with COVID-19 As COVID-19 infection rates continue to climb, it’s imperative that organizations respond quickly when an employee is diagnosed. Here are the steps employers should take: Notify Employees Employees should be notified of potential exposure in the workplace, but they should not be told who […]

HR Advisor: ADA, Voting Leave, FFCRA Rule Updates

Key Definitions to Help You Understand the ADA If you hadn’t engaged with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) before the pandemic, you probably have by now. The ADA comes up a lot these days, both with respect to confidentiality of medical information (like employee temperatures) as well as with reasonable accommodation for those who […]

HR Advisor: Reducing Stress and Handling Anonymous Reports

Six Tips for Managing Stress in the Workplace We’re all supposed to feel stress from time to time. It’s the way the body responds to demands and dangers. A stressful event triggers the release of hormones. These hormones, according to Psychology Today, “increase heartbeat and the circulation of blood to support quick action, mobilize fat […]

HR Advisor: Federal Law Alert

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of LGBTQ Employment Protections The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that employers may not discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity in employment. This decision affects all employers with 15 or more employees. The decision was a response to three separate cases, all of which were […]

HR Advisor: Tips, Trends and HR Practices

Thank you for reading the HR Advisor Newsletter. In this month’s edition, we cover the importance of documenting all of your employment decisions, the types of harassment that can occur when people are working remotely, and considerations you should make before hiring unpaid interns. Don’t Forget to Document, Document, Document With all of the changes […]