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Career Monday: The Aftermath of Burnout: How to Rejuvenate Yourself

If you’ve recently suffered burnout, you’ll likely be looking for ways to restore your peace, health, and happiness. It’s important to treat yourself lovingly after such a trauma to your system so you don’t develop chronic health conditions. Burnout can cause all sorts of mental and emotional issues, including anxiety and depression. You should try […]

Career Monday: How to Plan a Career Change

Choosing a career is never an easy choice, but following your passion is worth every effort that you put into planning a change in your career. With adequate planning, the switch over can be exciting, motivating, and rejuvenating instead of fraught with worry. Consider the following strategies as you plan and implement your career change: […]

Career Monday: Co-Worker Relationships That Work

Unless you’re living in a cave, you’ll probably work with other people at some point in your life. Workplace interactions can be interesting and enjoyable. Or they can be disappointing and frustrating. Your experience of them is entirely up to you. Practicing particular behaviors and applying certain techniques in the workplace will help you manage […]

Career Monday: How to Have an Effective Conversation With Your Boss

Trying to talk to your boss can be uncomfortable and awkward. But if you know the right way to approach your superiors, you can survive the encounter and even thrive in your workplace. Effective communication with your boss is essential for many reasons. If you want to ask for a raise or talk about another […]

Career Monday: Learn to Finesse Behavioral Interview Questions

If you’re hunting for a job, you’re probably going to run into behavioral interview questions. These may seem tricky at first, but you can make a great impression by preparing for them in advance. Here are some suggestions for understanding this interview technique and making it work to your advantage. How to Prepare for Behavioral […]

Career Monday: Unsure About Your Career Choice? 3 Ways to Know You’re on the Right Track

Deciding on a career can sometimes be difficult. After spending a few years studying in a particular field, one would think that your career choice is obvious. Sometimes, though, uncertainty looms because you aren’t fully connected to the field. Have you chosen a certain career direction because your parents or someone else in your life […]

Career Monday: Learn to Write an Effective Self-Assessment and Boost Your Career

At some point in your career, your employer is probably going to ask you to write a self-assessment. It’s a routine part of the annual evaluation process at many companies. Consider the benefits of this important tool and master the strategies for evaluating yourself effectively. Benefits of Writing an Employee Self-Assessment 1. Feel more confident. […]

Career Monday: 12 Rules to Increase Your Productivity

Does your productivity ever get hampered by your desire to find the best possible solution? As you seek the easiest or fastest route to your goal, you may find yourself stopped entirely. Sometimes you may even do this on purpose, to keep from having to make a decision. However, there’s a work-around. Maybe you’ve heard […]

Career Monday: A Strategic Guide to Job Hunting During the Vacation Days and Holidays

Job hunting is always tough but the vacation and holiday season can require an even more strategic approach. These are some basic principles and concrete steps to take for making the most of the special opportunities that exist at this time of year. Basic Principles for Job Hunting During Irregular Seasons 1. Recognize that people’s […]

Career Monday: 8 Myths About Self – Employment

Do you dream of being self-employed, but feel like you don’t have the money, knowledge, or skills to get a business going?Your concerns might be unfounded–and grounded in some of the common myths about self-employment. Imagine being able to increase your income and have a more flexible schedule. These benefits are a real possibility when […]