Category: Affirmation

Affirmation: I am consistent in my personal and professional lives.

My life choices are dictated by a standard set of values. Being true to myself means more than anything. Each morning, I take a moment to recommit to what I believe in. That allows me to remain authentic in each aspect of my life. I honor my system of beliefs even when they are challenged […]

Affirmation: I show my appreciation to coworkers.

I appreciate my coworkers and their suggestions. I always remember to let them know how grateful I am for their help and encouragement. I build strong relationships with my coworkers because of my gratitude. I am able to help them overcome obstacles, and they help me with my challenges. We share information freely and avoid […]

Affirmation: No Worry Ways to Overcome Loneliness

Feeling close to family and friends is one of the greatest joys in life.  It is harder to harness this closeness during social distancing, but you can still achieve this connection.  If you want to feel more connected and strengthen your relationships, try these practical steps for banishing loneliness. Advantages of Becoming More Connected 1. […]

Affirmation: Boost Self-Confidence With These 8 Surprising Actions

Who couldn’t use a little more self-confidence? Self-confidence can often be in short supply, but there are many ways you can get it back. When your self-confidence is lacking, take control of the situation and make yourself confident again. You can accomplish a lot more with self-confidence than you can without. Once you know how […]