Affirmation: How to Be Assertive Without Being Rude or Controlling

Assertiveness is an important skill that can make your life more enjoyable, but, unfortunately, it’s also vastly misconstrued. Sometimes it’s difficult to be assertive, or …

Career Mondays

Career Monday: Advance Your Career by Making an Internal Transfer

In difficult economic times, an internal transfer can provide many of the advantages of a new position without the risks of looking for a completely …


Q&A: Can we ask references about an applicant’s previous use of sick time? We’d like to get a sense of their reliability.

No, you shouldn’t make any inquiries into an applicant’s history of calling in sick. Asking about absences because of illness or injury before extending an …


Affirmation: 7 Tips to Increase Your Social Intelligence

Social intelligence is a new science that explores and explains various phenomena, from the way we connect with others, how we make friends, to how …

HR Advisor

HR Advisor August 2022

HR’s Role in a Recession The prospect of a recession has many businesses and their employees worried. During an extended economic decline, sales drop, jobs …

Blasts From The Past

Which Certification is Right For You?

Which Certification is Right For You? This list is not exhaustive, but it will provide several certification options to consider. AIRS Certifications (CIR) (ACIR) (CDR) (CSSR) …

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Affirmation: Taking care of myself makes me feel good

Rather than being a luxury, taking care of myself is an important contributor to my health and well-being. To take care of my body physically, …

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Q&A: …best way to calculate cost of living pay increases?

Question: We’d like to start giving cost of living raises to employees on their anniversary dates. What’s the best way to calculate these pay increases? …

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Q&A: What sort of questions should we ask and avoid asking during a job interview?

The questions you ask in a job interview should all be job-related and nondiscriminatory. You should avoid questions that are not job-related or that cause …

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Career Monday: Build a Strong Work Ethic and Get Things Done

We often hear that success is the result of hard work. Hard work does pay off, but not every one has the right work ethic …

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Career Monday! How to Develop a Career Plan That Will Bring You Happiness

Are you stuck trying to figure out what career you want? Or is your main challenge that you have a hard time getting there? Whatever …

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