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HR Advisor December 2022

Three Ways to Make Holidays More Inclusive The office holiday party is a time-honored tradition: readers of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol may remember the …


Q&A: If we get called for a reference, can we just verify the former employee’s dates of employment?

Yes, it’s up to you how much or how little you share about a former employee. There’s no legal requirement to supply employment references for …


Q&A: We would like to reclassify an employee from exempt to nonexempt status. Is it okay to do this? What do we need to do to change their status?

Yes, it’s possible to make this change. Any employee can be classified as a nonexempt employee, although we generally recommend that all employees in the …

Career Mondays

Career Monday: 7 Success Tips for Changing Careers

Weather forecasters can’t reliably predict the weather three days from now. How is a 22-year old supposed to pick the right career for the next …


Q&A: We’ve received suspicious emails that appear to be from employees asking to change their direct deposit information. What should we do?

This is likely a phishing scam – a type of con in which scammers use emails, texts, or phone calls to trick someone into providing …

Blasts From The Past

Career Monday: Successful Meetings with Your Boss Made Easy

Maybe you’re nervous about meeting with your boss or maybe you rarely see them face to face. Either way, having more frequent and effective communications …

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Q&A: How do we know if our managers are performing well?

If a team is getting its work done, but the individuals on that team are not developing professionally, then the manager in charge of that team may not managing as well as they could be. Perhaps they aren’t coaching employees, clearly outlining expectations, or addressing under-performance when it arises. That’s worth bringing up with them when discussing their performance.

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Affirmation: The One In the Mirror

Each day I renew my focus on my career goal. Life has a way of throwing obstacles directly in my path. I know that the …

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Affirmation: Peace is my anchor in uncertain times.

Peace is a state of prevailing harmony, free from disputes, anxiety, and stress. During times of confusion or uncertainty, I rely on my inner peace …

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HR: California Law Alert

Local Minimum Wage Increases As usual on July 1, a number of cities across California will see an increase to their minimum wage. The new …

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Affirmation: I am not perfect, and that’s okay

I do not expect myself to be perfect. We are all under construction and this requires an understanding that I will make mistakes. That’s okay …

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